Silly Dog Nicknames

Our dog has so many nicknames, I sometimes wonder how he remembers that his real name is Bodhi. We call him: “Bobo,” “Boo Boo,” “Noodle Head,” “Mr. Noodles,” “Stinky Head,” “Stinky Head Poo-Poo Pants,” “Stinky Butt,” “Pumpkin Head,” “Biggie Boy,” “Little Man,” “Mr. Man,” “Bodhi-Oh-Dough,” “Mr. Wigglesworth,” “Mr. Dog,” and “Zooboony!” (I am not entirely sure how to spell that last one! It’s just something I call him!) I thought it would be fun to find out what some of Urban Dog’s friends call their dogs!

Here goes!


The Viszla below belongs to our Facebook friend Mark. Her name is Ginger. But her nicknames are: “Madam Gingerinsky,” “Ginger-Lynn,” “Ginger-Pinger,” “Ginger Perkins,” and “Red Beast.”

dogs' nicknames
Ginger AKA Red Beast


This is Reilly, also known as: “Ry Dog,” “Ry Ry,” “Ry Baby,” “Rylopotamus,” “Reilly Pants,” “Reilly No Pants,” and “Barkapotamus Rex.” I love that Reilly’s mom didn’t stop at “Barkapotamus” and just had to add that “Rex” at the end!

dogs nicknames
Reilly AKA Barkapotamus Rex

Frankie and Baxter

Urban Dog’s Dr. Christina Moore has two dogs. Her Beagle’s “official” name is Frankie and his nicknames are “Francis” and “Little Nose.” Her other dog is Baxter, he also goes by “Bax,” “Bad Baxter,” and “Littlest of Noses.”

dogs' nicknames
Dr. Moore and Frankie AKA Little Nose


This glamorous Schnauzer beauty is Babette. Her owner, the equally glamorous Crystal, also calls her “Babs,” “Wabbit,” “Wabs,” “Worm,” and  “Spaghetti.”

dogs' nicknames
Crystal and Babette AKA Babs


One of our favorite canine neighbors in New York City was Tricia’s sweetie, Lola. She is also known as “Lola Bean” and “Lil’ Girl.”

dogs' nicknames
Lola AKA Lola Bean

Willow and Birch

Our good friends Tom and Bill have two Westies named Willow and Birch. Willow’s nicknames are “Willowbeast,” “Wills,” and  “Peanut.” Birch also goes by “Bud” and “Birchito.”

dogs' nicknames
Birch AKA Birchito and Willow AKA Peanut


Our neighbors out on Fire Island, Patrick and Sloan, own Finnigen. He’s another one of Bodhi’s beach buddies. His nicknames are “Boo Boo,” “Sweet Pea,” and “Woobie.”

dogs' nicknames
Finnigen AKA Woobie

Olivia, Daphne, and Audrey

Another Facebook friend, Stephanie, has three Weimaraners. They are: Olivia, whose nickname is “Punky”; Daphne, whose nicknames are “Pudly,” “Pud,” “Mud,” and “Ears”;  and her champion Audrey, who’s also known as “Baby Baby” and “Tater Tot.”

dogs' nicknames
Audrey AKA Tater Tot


Bodhi’s morning beach-walk buddy is Tarzan, but his owner Irma also calls him “Bubochka” (which means “little baby” in Russian! Tarzan is anything but!)

dogs' nicknames
Tarzan AKA Bubochka


Reese is my college roommate Lenore’s dog. His nicknames include: “Reesie Dog,” “Pieces” (for Reese’s pieces, naturally), “Pupperson,” and “Sir Reese-A-Lot.”

dogs' nicknames
Reese AKA Sir-Reese-A-Lot

PDQ Czar

This rescued Greyhound belongs to Ted. His nickname is “Lay-Z-Boy.”

dogs' nicknames
Czar AKA Lay-Z-Boy

Flora and Rive

Here are Flora, Rive, and Chris at the Dairy Queen. (I guess Derek is around the corner ordering a Blizzard!) Their nicknames are “Mamacita” and “Boo.”

dogs nicknames
Chris and Flora AKA Mamacita and Rive AKA Boo


Tanti belongs to our friends Ed and Ric. His nickname is “Tantilicious.”

dogs' nicknames
Tanti AKA Tantilicious


My parents’ neighbors, Gerry and Donna, have a Pug named Dozer. His nickname is “The Doze.”

dogs' nicknames
Dozer AKA The Doze

Aquiles, Arthur, and Maximus

Our friend Bettina has three dogs: Aqulies, Arthur, and Maximus. They are also known as “Kille,” “Itor,” and “Peyito.”

dogs' nicknames
Maximus AKA Peyito

Rose Mary and Jack

Another Miami friend Lorena’s two dogs go by Rose Mary and Jack. Their nicknames are “Mami” and “Puchi.”

dogs' nicknames
Rose Mary AKA Mami and Jack AKA Pchi

Sam and Dexter

My parents’ late and lamented Tibetan Terriers were named Sam and Dexter. Sam was also called “Samuelin” and Dex went by “Dexterin.”

dogs' nicknames
Sam AKA Samuelin and Dexter AKA Dexterin

Paco, BO, and Bindi

Our friends in Fort Lauderdale Angel and Robert have three dogs. Paco’s nickname is “Papa.” Bindi’s nickname is “Beebee.” BO, seen below, is nicknamed “Bobo.”

dogs' nicknames

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And if you have funny nicknames for your dogs, please send them to us at  We may use them in a future post!



  1. This is such a fun post! Our Dog’s name is Reilly (full name Reilly Murgatroyd Thornton-Carroll), her nicknames are: RyDog, RyRy, RyBaby, Rylopotamus, ReillyPants, ReillyNoPants, and Barkapotamusrex.

  2. These were great. Now I know I’m not the only weirdo that calls my dogs by odd names. We must confuse the poor things terribly. My dogs, Francine Fishpaw (from Polyester), and Oliver Wendell Hearn, are known collectively as “the kids”, “the hounds” and “buttpups”. Francine is Bitty, Fatty, or LowRider. Oliver is Poopoohead, probably because he is part poodle, or Schtinky because he smells sweaty when he comes in. Over my lifetime I have had so many dogs with so many weird nicknames, but these are the current dogs.

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