Dog Bites and Postal Workers

National Dog Bite Prevention Week has just ended. Most of the country’s dogs are nice, but any dog can bite! And that’s something dog owners should always be aware of.  Children, the elderly, and postal carriers are the most frequent victims of dog bites.

In conjunction with Dog Bite Prevention Week, the postal service released its list of the country’s cities where most dog attacks occurred. In 2017, New York City fell off the list. (In 2016, Brooklyn and Flushing, Queens were on it.)

The top ten cites for dog attacks against postal workers are:

  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • St. Louis
  • Cleveland
  • San Diego
  • Baltimore and San Antonio (tied for number 6)
  • Columbus
  • Dallas
  • Louisville
  • Chicago
Photo: USPS

Learn more about National Dog Bite Prevention week here and about how to prevent dog bites here.

Here’s a link to an earlier Urban Dog post on dog bites.

Legislation to Outlaw Dog and Cat Consumption

A proposal to outlaw dog and cat consumption in the United States is advancing on Capitol Hill.

Photo: Architect of the Capitol

Lawmakers say it’s not because Americans are eating their cats and dogs, but to support international animal rights activists. According to the Washington Post:

If passed, the ban would send a clear signal that the United States condemns the dog and cat meat trades in East Asia, said Sara Amundson, executive director of the Humane Society Legislative Fund, which lobbied for the measure. The Humane Society estimates that 30 million dogs are killed for food each year, mostly in China and South Korea. Activists there have questioned why the United States does not have its own dog meat law.

Read more from WaPo here.

Real Housewife Helps Dogs in Puerto Rico

Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel is helping dogs in need in Puerto Rico. Last year, Frankel traveled to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, chartering four planes filled with supplies.

She is back there now, this time she is working with The Sato Project and her own charity B Strong Disaster Relief to help the island’s street dogs.

Read more from People Magazine here.

To donate to B Strong Disaster Relief, click here.

To read more about street dogs in the Caribbean from Urban Dog, click here.

Cancer? Or Teddy Bears?

A Saint Bernard in England had a cancer scare… or did it?

(You already know the answer to that question, because I never post bad news in Dogs! In the News!)

Maisy, The Saint Bernard

People Magazine reports:

Maisy the St. Bernard, an adventurous and troublesome eater hailing from Roberttown, near Dewsbury, U.K., was recently brought to the vet by her worried owner Jane Dickinson. The BBC reports that the pet parent knew something was wrong with her 8-year-old dog and was worried it might be serious. Maisy was given a CT scan by Wakefield-based vet Nick Blackburn of Paragon Veterinary Referrals, who saw the pup was suffering from an unusually full stomach and a mass on her spleen. This led him to make his original diagnosis, which suspected cancer.

Surgery was scheduled and instead of a splenic mass, the vet found teddy bears and other stuffed toys in the beast’s stomach instead!

The Contents of Maisy’s Stomach

Read more from People here.

The Tail: How to Foil the Coming Robot Apocalypse

We all know that robots and artificial intelligence will bring about the end of the human race, right?

Well, maybe not. Boston Dynamics, the creator of the robot dog that we’ve done some stories on, has figured out how to defeat robots.

Banana peels.

Simple fix, no?

Either that, or sic YOUR dog on the robot!


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