Nootie Shampoos and Grooming Products

Recently my neighbor’s cousin asked me to test out some pet shampoos and grooming products. Since I always like to try out new things for Bodhi I happily agreed!

The products come from a company called Nootie.

Nootie Shampoos, Ear Wipes, and Daily Spritz

Lonnie Schwimmer, the creator of Nootie, says: “My wife and I were tired of trying different dog shampoos that smelled terrible and left our dog’s coat flaky and dry. We thought if you can make great smelling, quality shampoos for people, why not for pets?” So they developed a line of shampoos and spritzes that offer “long lasting, delicious scents, as well as numerous benefits for your dog’s coat and skin.”

We received several bottles of shampoo, ear wipes, and a daily spritz.

Bodhi was particular stinky at this point, so my dad and I washed him poolside with Nootie’s Rejuvenating Rosemary Extract Pet Shampoo.

Tom Lathers Bodhi Up with Nootie Rejuvenating Rosemary Extract Shampoo!

It lathered up nicely and left his coat feeling really smooth. He also smelled pretty!  About two weeks later, we bathed him again, this time with the Nourishing Jojoba Pet Shampoo. I have to say I liked the smell of this one even more than the Rosemary Extract shampoo. Over the coming weeks we’ll try out the other shampoos we received.

Nootie Shampoos and Grooming Products
“Don’t I Look Clean and Pretty? And I Smell Good Too!”

I noticed recently that Bodhi was scratching his ears pretty aggressively in the morning. That usually is the signal that it’s time for the dreaded ear cleaning! I checked them out and I saw it was definitely time for a cleaning.

Nootie Ear Wipes

Nootie’s Ear Wipes really did a great job cleaning Bodhi’s ears. And they didn’t seem to bother him as much as other ear cleaners we’ve used. You can see in the picture below just how clean they got!

Clean as a Whistle!

Click here to read more about Nootie on their website. You can order the product online.


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