South Fork Pet Company “Chicken Crisps”


From time-to-time folks who make things for dogs ask us here at Urban Dog to check their products out. Recently I got a bag of Chicken Crisps from a Long Island, NY company named South Fork Pet Company.  I gave some crisps to my usual panel of taste-testers: Bodhi, the Urban Dog Weimaraner; Rumpole, a Doodle; and Havaneses Tanti and Molly.

Bodhi Checks Out his South Fork Chicken Crisp

The crisps have only four ingredients. In this case: chicken, apple, sweet potato, and parsley. They have no chemicals, artificial flavors, colorings, or preservatives. Gretchen Mannix from South Fork Pet Co told us:

We began the idea of creating a better dog treat when we learned that regulations for commercial dog food/treats are extremely lax and that approximately 70% of dog owners don’t know what’s in the food or treats that they give there dogs or where it comes from. We wanted to create a treat that guarantees that our products will contain the best possible ingredients available. Our chicken and turkey is human grade and selected by a certified butcher, our rabbit is locally farmed right here in Amagansett! Our suppliers for our vegetables, fruits and herbs are within a 60 mile radius from our kitchen. The cod skins are repurposed from our local fishmongers on the east end of Long Island. All these fresh ingredients are handmade in small batches, dog owners can have peace of mind feeding these to beloved family pets. [Our] ingredients are ground, cut and shredded by hand which means that each treat has it’s own unique shape and texture — no two are the same — by being handmade in a custom kitchen facility and not a factory.

Rumpole and Bodhi, the big dogs on our panel, wolfed the crisps down in one bite! (Big dogs don’t really have table manners do they?) Our small dog taste testers tend to be more… um… discerning, but they all loved them too. Tanti’s owner Ed told us: “Tanti really liked the treat! Snarfed it down and demanded more. He went running to his treat drawer looking for more.” And Molly’s owner Eric said: “She LOVED it!! One sniff and she downed the whole thing.”

Bodhi Dives in for the Kill!

The rest of their line includes Turkey Crisps with carrot, apple, and kale; Beef Crisps with carrot, apple, and spinach; Cod Skin Crunch; and Rabbit Crisps with carrot, apple, and dandelion greens. They’re available in a number of stores in New York City and on Long Island. Click here to learn where. You can also visit the South Fork website to order online.

South Fork Pet Company’s Line of Crisps (Photo Courtesy of South Fork Pet Company)

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