Masters Agility Championship 2018

Photographs by Natalie Siebers

More than 300 dogs competed at the 2018 edition of the Masters Agility Championship in New York City this past weekend. It was all part of the big celebrations of dogs collectively known as Westminster weekend.

Masters Agility Championship 2018
Masters Agility Championship (Photo: Natalie Siebers)

Urban Dog’s favorite photographer Natalie Siebers was there. She got the great photos in this post and this video of the handlers familiarizing themselves with the course. (It’s okay to laugh… the video is pretty funny!)

Dogs competing in the contest have to work their way over and through obstacles including a slalom, a seesaw, a tunnel, and any number of hurdles.

Masters Agility Championship 2018
Masters Agility Championship (Photo: Natalie Siebers)

The winner of the Master’s Agility Championship was a Border Collie named Fame(US) —  pronounced “famous” — Fame, for short. You can see Fame’s run starting at the 6:33 minute mark in the video from Fox Sports below.

Fame won with a time of 29.53 seconds, three seconds faster than last year’s winner.

“It’s difficult to top her athletic ability,” Fame’s owner and handler Jessica Ajoux told The Associated Press, “I’m privileged to have her as a teacher, really.”

Masters Agility Championship 2018
Masters Agility Championship Winner: Fame(US) (Photo: Steve Surfman for the Westminster Kennel Club)

Here’s a full report from and here’s one from NPR.

Westminster Agility Championship 2018
Westminster Agility Championship (Photo: Natalie Siebers)

And for more from Natalie, check out her website.

And here’s a look back at last year’s Urban Dog coverage of Westminster’s Meet & Compete, including the Masters Agility Championship 2017.



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