UPDATED Dandie Dinmont Terrier: Breed of the Week

Are Dandie Dinmont Terriers Good City Dogs?

The Dandie Dinmont Terrier is probably the only breed named for a fictional character.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Dandie Dinmont Terrier

According to the American Kennel Club: “Dandies were made famous when Sir Walter Scott wrote about them in Guy Mannering in 1814. Scott’s farmer character was named Dandie Dinmont, after whom the breed was soon named.”

Like most terriers, Dandies are smart, feisty and born hunters. They were bred to ground and if given the opportunity will still follow prey into a hole. They can be testy with other dogs but very diplomatic with strangers.

Canine Extravaganza
Dandie Dinmont Terrier

The Dandies’ body is low and long with a curved tail that looks like a sword. They vary in size , they are about 10 inches at the shoulder and can weigh up to 24 pounds. Their large round eyes may have you eating out of there hands.

Do Dandie Dinmont Terriers Bark?

We did a little research and the consensus on the internet is that they are not excessive barkers.

They are about average when it comes to trainability. It’s important, no matter the size, that your dog be well-behaved in the common areas of your building.

They have very few health problems.

Dandies don’t shed much, however they do require daily brushing and clipping a few times a year.

They are not common in the United States which can make this breed difficult to find here, however they are very likely candidates to thrive as your Urban Dog in New York City.

For tips on how to find a pet-friendly apartment in New York and other cities read Urban Dog’s guide.

For more information visit the American Dandie Dinmont Terrier club’s official website and the American Kennel Club.


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