UPDATED! Most Popular Dog Names in NYC

What Name is Popular in your Neighborhood?

Each year, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (the folks how are responsible for dog licensing) releases its list of the most popular dog names in the Big Apple. The list doesn’t change a whole lot from year-to-year. Bella and Max have long been the number one name for female and males dogs for years now.

popular dog names
Bodhi and Max

Here’s the latest list of most popular male dog names:

1.     Max
2.     Charlie
3.     Rocky
4.     Buddy
5.     Lucky
6.     Teddy
7.     Toby
8.     Jack
9.     Milo
10.   Oliver

And here are the top ten names for female dogs:

1.     Bella
2.     Lola
3.     Lucy
4.     Daisy
5.     Coco
6.     Princess
7.     Luna
8.     Chloe
9.     Molly
10.   Sophie

(New York has lots of Twilight fans? That’s surprising. Thought we were more discerning!)

The Department of Health and Hygiene also has this really cool map that shows names that are unique to your neighborhood: “‘Unique dog name by neighborhood’ shows dog names that are much more popular in a specific neighborhood than they are citywide. For example, in Morningside Heights, Theodore emerged as the most unique name in that neighborhood: ranked 6th in Morningside Heights but only 162nd citywide.”

Popular dog names

There’s also this fun website called Dogs of New York hosted by WNYC. They mined the licensing data and came up with all sorts of interesting information, including lists of the most popular breeds in the city by neighborhood. It’s a couple of years old now, but it’s still fun to look at. The site also has an interactive map you can use to see what names are most popular in what neighborhoods by zip code.

They also have games and quizzes based on the data they found. And they have a function that allows you to create and buy a t-shirt design based on your dog’s name and breed. Here’s one for Bodhi:

popular dog names
T Shirt



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