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If you want to know about dogs in the news, look no further! This week we announce the beginning of the latest edition of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show; look at the woes of Dog Parker; tell you about a interesting case of unemployment compensation; preview the new animated film Isle of Dogs; and meet a Golden Retreiver with a soft mouth. All in Dogs! In the News!

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

The 142nd edition of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is coming up. It takes place on Monday, February 11 and Tuesday, February 12. More than 3,000 dogs will compete.

Dog lovers will also get to attend the American Kennel Club’s companion event, Meet the Breeds. Urban Dogs’  favorite photographer Natalie Siebers is going. We’ll post a photo essay by her soon after the event.

For tickets and more info, click here.

Dog Parker in the Dog House with the DOT

Real Estate Weekly reports that the Brooklyn-born start-up, Dog Parker, will have to severely curtail its footprint on New York City streets.

The weekly says the company…

… brought portable dog houses to stores and businesses across the Big Apple so customers could safely house their pet while they shopped. Now the have been told the cozy kennels are causing a sidewalk obstruction and have to go. “The City had been in discussions with Dog Parker Inc. for more than a year about their structures that create obstructions on sidewalks that are clearly public property,” said a spokesperson for the DOT in an e-mailed statement. Now Dog Parkers says it will be forced to “drastically” reduce its footprint in NYC focus on expanding nationally. “We were able to grow up in New York City,” said co-founder and CEO Chelsea Brownridge. “Because of our success here, we have more opportunities across the United States and abroad, which is what we will focus on. The regulatory challenges and aggressive regulatory climate in NYC is simply too burdensome to run our business here. We hope that will change soon.”

Urban Dog featured Dog Parker in its Made in Brooklyn post last summer

Ryder Qualifies for Unemployment

Michael Haddock of Saugatuck, Michigan, received a letter from the State of Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency recently. It said that “Michael Ryder,” employed by a local restaurant chain, qualified for $360 a week in unemployment funds.

The problem with that is that Ryder is… a DOG!

Haddock has a dog named Ryder. He told People Magazine that he was surprised by the letter, but had a good laugh over it and posted a pic of it on Facebook.  He captioned it “Not sure what he is going to do with the money, but it should be interesting. I knew he was clever, but he surprised me this time.”

The unemployment agency got wind of the mistake and quickly deleted “Michael Ryder’s” file. They flagged it as a mixed-up case of stolen identity and are looking into how it happened.

People continues: “’Unfortunately, Michael Ryder’s claim will not be allowed. I know first-hand it is rare for man’s best friend to contribute financially to the household and that will continue in this instance,’ [said] Tim Kolar, State Administrator of Investigations.”

For more read People’s story on its website.

Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs

Anticipation is building for Wes Anderson’s new movie, Isle of Dogs. It’s all about a boy’s search for his missing dog.


This trailer tells you everything you need to know about the story.

And here’s a link to the Vulture website where you can see an exclusive clip from the film that was released this week. Warning! This film is rated PG-13!

Isle of Dogs opens on March 23.

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