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United Suspends Flights with Dogs in Cargo

The number of pets involved in problems at United Airlines over the last week is up to four.

A dog was mistakenly placed on a flight from Newark to St. Louis. The dog was taken off the plane in Akron.

Two dogs were involved in a mix up two days earlier. A German Shepherd Dog was sent to Japan. It was originally supposed to go to Kansas City. That is a 10,000 mile detour. The Great Dane that was slated to go Japan was left behind.

Dogs in the news

All three pets have been reunited with their owners.

Of course most of you probably know about the French Bulldog who was stuffed into an overhead compartment last week, where it died.

The airline reports it is suspending new reservations for animals flying in cargo while it conducts a review. (Check out Urban Dog’s comprehensive guide to Flying with Your Dog to learn more, including safety statistics for each mot carrier.)

Click here from the Chicago Tribune to learn more.

Retrievers Crush Cavaliers

This has pretty much NOTHING to do with dogs, and everything to do with collegiate sports pride. My alma mater, the home of the number one seed basketball team in the nation, was eliminated in the first round of the NCAA tournament. That’s right, the University of Virginia was beaten by a Cinderella team, the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. As US Today reports, there has never been a bigger upset in the history of college basketball. Cavaliers like me across the country were devastated.

Dogs in the news

What makes this a dog story is that UMBC’s mascot is a Golden Retriever.

Dogs in the news


I find that really charming!

That’s all.

Moving on!

Controversy at Crufts

A Whippet named Tease won the 2018 edition of the Crufts dog show in the United Kingdom. Crufs is the largest dog show in the world, and as such it attracted controversy this year.

Dogs in the news

A protestor, allegedly from PETA, interrupted the awards ceremony. According to the NY Post, “PETA UK tweeted a clip of the stage invasion a few hours later, claiming activists were protesting against ‘extreme breeding.’ Activists were also seen carrying banners, reading: ‘Crufts: Canine Eugenics.’”

Lie with Dogs, Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Yes another study from our “You Should Have Just Asked Me” file.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix have determined that people who sleep with their dogs, generally get a a good night’s sleep, contrary to popular opinion.

Over seven days of testing, the researchers found that with a dog in the bedroom, both the humans and the dogs slept reasonably well. Humans had a mean sleep efficiency, or the percentage of time spent asleep while in bed, of 81 percent, while dogs had a sleep efficiency of 85 percent. Levels over 80 percent are generally considered satisfactory. People slept slightly better when the dog was off the bed; dogs slept the same whether they were on the bed or in another location in the bedroom.

Dogs in the news

Read more from the New York Times here.

Blog Paws Nose-to-Nose Awards

I am happy to announce that Urban Dog is a finalist in the 2018 Nose-to-Nose Awards. The awards are given out by BlogPaws, the only national organization of pet bloggers. BlogPaws was recently bought by, the online pet supply retailer.

Urban Dog is a finalist in the Best Dog Blog category and the Best Branding category.

Blog Paws Awards

The following is going to be a little corny… while Urban Dog has been a labor of love of mine for the last three years (I make NO money off of it!), I certainly have not done this alone. There are four people in particular I’d like to thank… Clark Beasley, for writing the Breed of the Week column (among others) and being an all-around supportive, caring, great guy! Natalie Siebers, for being such a generous collaborator and always-willing sounding board. Check out her photography at Tech guru and website builder Matt Schaff for his insight, responsiveness, and most important, patience. And Urban Dog newcomer, art director Frauke Ebinger, she was a great colleague of mine at Cosmopolitan Magazine and is now a great friend of the blog! I look forward to working with you all going forward!

The Tail: Golden Retriever Puppies Swimming

To close out this week’s edition of dog news… to honor of the UMBC Retrievers’ victory, I thought we’d leave you with some Retriever puppies swimming for the first time. Enjoy!

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