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The Daily Dog: Happy

This adorable guy is Happy, a Havanese who belongs to our neighbors, Victoria and Lamar Graham. Lamar took this great photo. You can read Clark’s profile of the breed here.

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The Daily Dog: Happy (Photo Credit: Lamar Graham)

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Havanese: Breed of the Week

On a recent trip to visit friends in Miami, I was greeted at their door by their new puppy, an adorable bundle of fluffy white energy named Tanti, a Havanese.  I was so taken by how cute this little show off was I decided to do some research and learn more about the Havanese as soon as possible.

The Havanese, the national dog of Cuba, is a descendant of the Bichon. It is thought to be a result of mixing the now extinct Bichon Tenerife and the Poodle, resulting in what is also known as the Havana Silk Dog because of its luxurious coat.

The “Havi” is a small dog weighing in at ten to sixteen pounds. According to the Havanese Club of America they come in a variety of colors and markings, all of which are acceptable to the American Kennel Club.

Former Daily Dog: Tanti, the Havanese


The first thing I noticed when I looked at Tanti and he looked at me, were his warm friendly eyes.  This dog was bred to make you fall in love with him.  One look from those large dark almond eyes and you will fall victim to the charms of this little guy.

If you are searching for a companion pet, the Havanese might be for you. Ed Guedes, my friend from Miami and Tanti’s owner, tells us why he loves the breed:

Other than the fact that I’m Cuban-American and the Havanese is the only breed to originate in Cuba?  Havanese are intelligent, energetic dogs that are very much people-oriented.  They’re also easily trained, responding quickly to positive reinforcement and affection. Ours enjoys sharing “quality time” with us, enjoying his bully stick in the morning in bed with us while we have our coffee, eating his meals at the same time we do. He’s definitely not a loner!

In addition to being very smart and trainable, they love to perform and show off as Tanti demonstrated when we met him last month in Florida.

After the Jump: Havanese Haircuts

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The Daily Dog: Tanti

This cute one-year-old Havanese named Tanti lives in Miami Beach, FL with his dads, Ed and Ric. He knows just how adorable he is and is ready and willing to pose for the camera. Make sure you stay tuned for the Havanese as Breed of the Week!

The Daily Dog: Tanti

The Daily Dog: Tanti

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