“The Dog Ate WHAT!?!?”

I polled a bunch of Urban Dog readers to find out what was the weirdest… most alarming… craziest thing their dog has ever eaten.

There were many responses like:  “A WHOLE steak!” … “[Fill in the animal] poop!” … “Marijuana!” … “Carpeting!” … “Shoes!” … “Six red velvet cupcakes!”

And then there were these responses:

  1. Wall Paper. Off the wall itself.
  2. Frogs. Five people said frogs! (One said a toad. Apparently the toad was poisonous and the toad-eater was “never the same afterwards.”)
  3. A Box of Brillo Pads. And apparently the dog suffered no consequences!
  4. A Skate. The fish. Not the shoe with wheels on it.
    Bodhi and a Skate
    “I DARE you to take this delicious skate away from me
  5. Socks. This required post-consumption surgery. The dog is okay.
  6. A Cell Phone. One of the old flip-phone varieties. Apparently this dog pooped numbered buttons from the dial pad.
  7. A Trachea. Yes. That was my reaction too! “A WHAT!?!?” Apparently dried tracheas are sold as a treat for dogs to chew on. This dog had to be taken to vet to have it removed. This happened just three weeks ago; the dog is okay.
  8. Beau Handsome Sure Did Enjoy that Trachea. His Mom did not!
    Beau Handsome sure did enjoy that trachea. His mom did not!
  9. Fruit from a Gingko Tree. The poor baby who ate that got a really bad stomachache.
  10. Mouse Traps / Ant Traps. Those two are particularly alarming! All dogs involved are okay.
  11. A (Very Expensive, Custom) Mouthguard. 
  12. Cairn Terrier
    “What? I have NO idea where that mouthguard went!”
  13. Chapstick.
  14. Lightbulbs. Yep! A whole tray of lightbulbs. Just the bulbs, the metal screw fixtures were left behind. This dog too survived unscathed!