Canine College Mascots

John Jay College of Criminal Justice Bloodhound

I got some mail recently from one of the schools I went to, New York City’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and the headline on the brochure said: “Calling All Bloodhounds!”

I always thought John Jay had a clever mascot: a Bloodhound! What better dog to represent a school for would-be officers of the law?

This got me wondering about other canine college mascots. Scroll down for more!

Dog College Dog College Mascots

University of Maryland, Baltimore County Chesapeake Bay Retriever

I thought this dog was a Golden Retriever, but it’s actually a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, the state dog of Maryland. He’s referred to as “True Grit.”

Dogs in the news

Yale University Bulldog

I think English Bulldogs are probably the most common canine mascots for colleges. And Yale’s “Handsome Dan” is probably one of the most famous. Other schools with Bulldog mascots are: Brooklyn College, Alabama A&M, Drake, University of Georgia, Georgetown, Mississippi State, and James Madison University. And that’s just the tip of the Bulldoggy iceberg!

Dog College Dog College Mascots


University of Connecticut Husky

Siberian Huskies are another popular dog for mascots. Both the University of Washington and the University of Connecticut are represented by Huskies. The face below belongs to UConn’s mascot. Some people think the school has a Husky because “UConn” sounds like “Yukon” when you say them out loud, but that theory is not true.

Dog College Dog College Mascots


University of Indiana Greyhound

Greyhounds are not as common. The University of Indiana is represented by these speedy sighthounds.

Dog College Mascots

North Carolina State University Tamaskan Dog

Never heard of this breed of dog! NC State’s mascot, Tuffy, was adopted in 2010. Tamakans are like Huskies. NC State was originally represented by a wolf. (The football team was called “The Wolfpack.”) Back in the 60s, students pitched in to buy a real wolf. It would howl during games, which makes me think it was unhappy, but it was popular with the folks attending sporting events. It was later learned the students had purchased a coyote.

Dog College Mascots


University of Albany, SUNY Great Dane

This school’s Great Dane mascot is named Damien. He replaced the school’s first mascot, Pedwin, when the school changed its name from the New York State College for Teachers to the University of Albany. Pedwin was was penguin.

Damien now has a younger sibling name Lil’ Dee.

Dog College Dog College Mascots


University of Tennessee Bluetick Coonhound

The University of Tennessee Vols are represented by a Bluetick Coonhound named Smokey.

He’s pretty scary looking, isn’t he? Not like Huckleberry Hound from the old cartoons.





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