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Win a Free Photoshoot!

Attention folks who live in the New York City area! Frequent Urban Dog collaborator and photographer extraordinaire, Natalie Siebers, is giving away a free photoshoot!

As a thank you to all of her loyal Instagram supporters (2,000 and counting!) Natalie’s offering Urban Dog readers a chance to win a photoshoot for you and your pet.

This includes a one-hour, on-location session and 20 to 30 high res digital images.

This giveaway is not just limited to dogs… cats, horses, rodents, birds, lizards, snakes … you name it … they are all welcome to enter!

Here are the rules:

  • Follow @natalie_siebers on Instagram
  • Search for and “like” the photo you see above
  • In the comments, tag a friend who owns a pet in the New York City area

For an extra chance to win repost this photo and tag Natalie in it.

This sweepstakes will end April 27, 2017 and the winner will be chosen at random.

Terms: Participants must live in or be able to travel within an hour of Manhattan. Locations of photoshoot will be decided in collaboration with the winner. Photos cannot be used for commercial purposes or resold without approval


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Whimsical Wednesday

Here are some whimsical pictures for a Wednesday.

Nea Savoca (my friend and neighbor from high school!) owns a store with her daughter in Boston called Ash & Rose.

She sent me some pics of a photo shoot they did. Her tri-pawd, Sunny, was a fixture at the shoot.

Sunny and Nea

Nea writes: “We decided to do an Alice and Wonderland shoot and we were doing test shots. Sunny was about 11.  She lost the leg to cancer at 10.  She could still run, dig, hunt etc.  She lived to be 18.”

And here’s a little more about Ash & Rose:
We’re inspired by three core values that guide us in everything we do.

1. SUSTAINABILITY. Every item in our collection is made with the planet in mind, through the use of organic and recycled materials, resource-conscious manufacturing practices, and minimal packaging. We believe that less is more, and we strive to offer high-quality, timeless styles that you’ll love for many seasons to come.

2. FAIR LABOR. We’ll always tell you the full story of where and how our products are made – check the “designer bio” tab on every product page for details. We guarantee that your purchase will never support forced or child labor. We’re proud to offer a wide array of made-in-USA and fair trade artisan goods.

3. EMPOWERING WOMEN. As a women-owned business, we have a special interest in working with designers who employ at-risk women in areas where few opportunities exist. We also care deeply about empowering you, our customer, to make informed decisions about how you shop, and choose products with values that align with your own.

Check it out!

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Apr 15 2017

Ode to Beau


Ode to Beau

Hello Urban Dog readers!

A short while ago I asked folks if they had any stories to share and Mary DeKlyn, a long-time reader of the site forwarded me the heartfelt letter she wrote you see below.

Beau’s pedigree on his Mom’s side is primarily Deewal and on his Dad’s side it’s primarily Du Clos Des Cerberes. His Dad and Mom both had great temperaments. His Dad was a blue ribbon therapy dog; he also had a heart condition at ten years old.

His Mom was a great Mom and Beau was the last of her litter to be adopted at three months old. (Beau died of a heart attack at 13+ years old; Dad’s genes.)


Beau loved to sleep in the closet on my shoes, just as his Mom did with her owner.

When Beau was seven months old, I obtained another Bouvier from good CA and CT stock. A female I named Bijou (from Kenjo’s Bijou Alitiste, Dec.12, 1991). Bijou was relentless with Beau, but he let her have the upper hand and took all of her abuse in stride. But a low, deep growl put Bijou in her place when Beau had enough.

Beau was intelligent, obedient, friendly, athletic (great at Frisbee), and a good watch- dog, but once he assessed any potential danger, if not threatening, he would walk away and relax. Bijou, on the other hand, would bark until the potential danger was no longer.

Beau’s intelligence was obvious in that he had a great attention span. His favorite TV programs were “Wishbone” and any National Geographic animal documentary. He would prop himself up on the love seat and watch intensely. Whenever there was a chase scene of lions after a kill, or bears after salmon, wildebeests migrating, etc. he would stand up on the love seat with his front paws on the arm and follow the scene with intense interest and a bark or two. He would sometimes get off the love seat, past the TV and out the door of the room to see where the lions etc had gone! (Returning with a questioned tilted head.) All I had to say was “Wishbone” is on, or “Want to watch TV?” and he would charge onto the love seat and wait for the program to start.

Beau’s herding instincts were on display whenever we were at the doggie park. Bijou was a socialite, off wandering and playing with other dogs. Beau would socialize when we first arrived at the park, then he would sit himself down and watch the “herd”.

Time to leave and I would call Beau and he would be at my side in a jiffy. I would call Bijou, who was like Alvin the Chipmunk; three calls, each one louder than the last, before she would even look in my direction. I would say, “Okay, Beau, we are leaving and Bijou can stay here.” Beau would look at me, motion his head in Bijou’s direction and I would say, “If you want to.” Beau would then take off and herd Bijou back to me so I could leash her and we all went home together. Must have been their little game.

This article is just a taste of Beau. He was an amazing dog and an amazing Bouvier. I have had three other Bouviers and Beau still has the biggest part of my heart. He was almost human and really my best friend. I swear he understood everything I told him.

I loved him and every one of my Bouviers, and I miss them all, each personality.


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Dog Sledding in Vermont

Photographs by Natalie Siebers

I realize spring is finally creeping in, but I thought we’d take one last look at winter.

Photographer Natalie Siebers visited Vermont recently and met Ken and his team of Peace Pups, Siberian Huskies who take folks on dog sledding excursions in the Lake Elmore region of Vermont.

dog sledding in vermont

“Mush! Mush!” (Photo: Natalie Siebers)

The stars of the show are the dogs! Ken writes on his website: “They love to run! This is why they make such great dogs for sledding, scootering and carting. These activities provide a positive outlet for their energy.”

dog sledding in vermont

The Peace Pups (Photo: Natalie Siebers)

Natalie can certainly second that. She said the dogs were so excited to get started one dog tried to get into his harness by himself!

dog sledding in vermont

Getting Ready (Photo: Natalie Siebers)

If you’re thinking of doing this next year, check out Ken’s rates. In addition to tours, he also teaches “Mushing 101.”

dog sledding in vermont

“What are you looking at?” (Photo: Natalie Siebers)

Scroll down for more great pics of beautiful Siberian Huskies by Natalie. The grey dog below is Buck, he’s the lead dog, 13-years-old, and heading off for well-deserved retirement.

dog sledding in vermont

Call of the Wild (Photo:Natalie Siebers)

Natalie says:  “The bond Ken has with the dogs was palpable. They followed every move he made hoping he would chose them for that run. They are crazy excited to get out on the snow!’

dog sledding in vermont

“YAWN!” (Photo: Natalie Siebers)

Ken writes that he:

… is a local Vermont resident who grew up on a 100 head dairy farm in North Ferrisburg before moving to the mountains of Central Vermont where I have lived since 1978. I live in Elmore Vermont with my wife, and a “several” Siberian Huskies. We adopted our first Siberian husky named Jake from a local shelter in 2001. We blame our dramatic change in lifestyle on him. With the trend being toward Alaskan Huskies and hounds for racing we have decided to stick with Siberians because we love their personalities, their love of running and even their sometimes stubborn dispositions.

dog sledding in vermont

Peace Pup (Photo: Natalie Siebers)

Natalie says “At the end of each run the dogs are given some type of meat broth for hydration”

dog sledding in vermont

Time for Nourishing Refreshment (Photo: Natalie Siebers)

This pup certainly enjoyed his snack.

dog sledding in vermont

“Yummy!” (Photo: Natalie Siebers)

And after the run, a little lie down!

dog sledding in vermont

Nap Time (Photo: Natalie Siebers)

To see more pics from Natalie, check out her website.

And for more about Peace Pups, visit their website.

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“Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are god. Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are gods.”

— Christopher Hitchens, Author, Columnist, Essayist, Orator, Religious and Literary Critic, Social Critic, and Journalist

Dogs in the News

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